Real Estate 2.0 | Caren Maio at Funnel

The digitalization of our society is so fully upon us, there are college graduates today with no experience of any other way of life. And yet, some industries have remained stubbornly resistant to the 21st century.

Real estate leasing is certainly one. Owners and renters are mired in paperwork, pay stubs, and Faxes. Any of those college students looking to rent their first apartment may wonder if they’ve traveled back in time.

But Caren Maio, the president and cofounder of Funnel, is hoping to pull the leasing experience back into the present. On this edition of UpTech Report, Caren talks about her product, which gives property owners sophisticated tools for marketing and operations with the goal of taking the headaches out of the dotted line.

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Caren Maio is the President and Co-Founder of Funnel Leasing (formerly Nestio), the industry’s leading leasing and marketing software for multifamily professionals. Prior to starting the company, Caren lent her business expertise to corporate sales positions at powerhouse brands Nike and The Wall Street Journal.

Caren graduated from New York University. She has been named one of the 3 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out For by Metro, one of the 15 Women to Watch in Tech by and won the Leading Entrepreneur award with Women in PropTech in 2019.




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