Reinventing Email | Hetal Pandya from Edison

Having an email address is as essential as having a home address. If you want to buy a product, take out a loan, apply for a job, or even just post a photo of your vacation, you need an email address.

And yet, unlike your residential address, your email address exposes you to a torrent of unwanted solicitations, notifications, requests, updates, appeals, advisories, and you get the idea. It’s turned a solution into a major problem for most people. Hetal Pandya set out to turn this problem back into a solution with her company, Edison, which offers a two-pronged approach: Their email client, Edison Mail, and their email service, OnMail.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Hetal discusses why she believes these solutions will again make email a useful tool instead of a headache.

More information:

Hetal Pandya is a mobile entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience building mobile products for enterprise and consumer audiences. She has previously led teams at Nuance Communications, Microsoft, TellMe Networks, and Nortel Networks.

Edison Software is transforming the way people communicate with innovative, AI-driven products, including its flagship Edison Mail application for iOS, Android and Mac, new OnMail email service, Edison Trends e-commerce research and Edison API. Edison Software’s online data management privacy practices are TRUSTe certified, GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant. Edison is headquartered in San Jose, California.




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