Repeat Performance | Kim Stiefel from Repeat

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When Kim Stiefel first met her business partner, they thought they’d use their experience as marketers to build a brand. The idea was a subscription service for common clothing items—but they began to wonder whether or not this was something people actually needed.

“A big question that every startup founder really needs to ask is, am I actually solving a real problem? Or is this a manufactured problem?” Investigating the problem led them to realize an even bigger problem—subscription services for products were terrible. They gave you too much or too little of what you wanted and at the wrong times.

So they started Repeat, a company that offers an e-commerce platform that helps consumers easily get the things they need when they need them, while helping companies convert one-time buyers into regular customers. In

this edition of Founders Journey, Kim talks about that initial undertaking and the two-year journey that led them to an entirely different company.

More information:

 Kim Stiefel is the co-founder/ CEO of Repeat; a  headless commerce platform that enables Consumer Packaged Goods brands to turn one-time buyers into *repeat* customers by making it easier for customers to reorder products.

Repeat software leverages machine learning to analyze one-time shopper behavior, automate reorder notifications, and deliver personalized replenishment carts that aid in up-sell and cross-sell efforts.




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