The Subscription Prescription | Kim Stiefel from Repeat

There are plenty of items around the house we need daily—toothpaste, tissues, vitamins, soap. Or maybe we need them monthly. Or bimonthly. And that’s the problem for both consumers and sellers. Buying as we need can be a pain, but subscription services often give us too much or too little and at the wrong times.

Kim Stiefel discovered this when she started her own subscription service. But instead of just solving the problem for herself, she decided to solve it for everyone. The result was Repeat, a company that offers an e-commerce platform designed to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Kim talks about how she came to identify this particular problem in the way we buy and sell certain products, and the technology she’s developed to give consumers a more reliable purchasing experience, while helping companies retain their customers.

More information:

 Kim Stiefel is the co-founder/ CEO of Repeat; a  headless commerce platform that enables Consumer Packaged Goods brands to turn one-time buyers into *repeat* customers by making it easier for customers to reorder products.

Repeat software leverages machine learning to analyze one-time shopper behavior, automate reorder notifications, and deliver personalized replenishment carts that aid in up-sell and cross-sell efforts.




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