Rewarding the Local Customer | Ivan Matkovic at Spendgo

Perhaps one of the keys to the success of Starbucks is their digital rewards experience. You pay with your phone, earn stars, get a free drink on your birthday, and the customers love it.

There are plenty of solutions out there for smaller businesses to compete, but they often require people to fumble through emails, QR codes, and obscure apps.

Ivan Matkovic, the founder and CEO of Spendgo is trying to fix all that with a fully integrated commerce and marketing system for restaurants and retailers. In this edition of UpTech Report, Ivan tells how the system works and how, as he claims, it produces even better results than Starbucks.

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Ivan is the CEO and Founder of Spendgo, a leading loyalty and marketing solution for restaurants and retailers. He is an experienced executive within the technology, marketing, and hospitality industries. Ivan is a firm believer that you start with customer experience and then define your solution stack from there




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