Selling Your Startup with Dennis Mortensen from

Dennis R. Mortensen achieved what is for many a dream—the acquisition of his startup by a major company. But is the dream all it lives up to be?

On this edition of Founders Journey, Dennis tells the story of starting, an automated scheduling tool, and what it was like selling the company to Bizzabo, which offers an event management platform.

Dennis discusses what selling a company actually entails and what life looks like on the other side. And he should know— is the fourth company he sold.

More information:

Dennis is an expert in leveraging data to deliver business insights. A serial entrepreneur, Dennis built and successfully exited several companies before founding in 2014. Along with co-founders Matt Casey and Marcos J. Belenguer, Dennis set out to solve a painful problem — scheduling meetings — through a sophisticated AI platform that saves people time and effort.

Dennis is a recognized leader, author, and university instructor in the field of digital data and analytics. Originally from Denmark, Dennis lives in New York with his family.



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