Experiential Marketing Data with Terry Foster from Limelight

The days of going with your gut are long gone. Today, it’s all about the data—especially if you’re in marketing. But when it comes to live events, collecting data can be enormously challenging.

How do you know how many people attended, what their experience was like, and what happened after they left?

Terry Foster is attempting to answer those questions with his company, Limelight, which offers a platform to capture and track data from experiential campaigns and analyze the results.

More information:

Terry Foster is a 20 year MarTech veteran who has worked in London, New York and Toronto. Limelight Platform is an end-to-end experiential marketing software which offers engaging digital experiences to optimize live marketing campaigns and strategies.

Our tech-stack was engineered to seamlessly integrate into existing CRM and marketing stacks, completely automating existing manual processes and increasing organizational efficiency.

In addition, our analytics engine collects real-time data-driven insight to justify experiential ROI and build lasting relationships with customers. Our solution is used for data capturing, sponsorships, auto shows, lead generation, events, trade shows, and other live marketing events. In addition, Meshh, our spatial analytics offering provides world class, location based intelligence and interaction solutions.

We help event organizers, venues and brands measure engagement and interaction in their physical spaces. Marketers learn more about how customers behave in real world environments which helps  them deliver richer, more immersive experiences.



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