SEO Keyword Research & AI Marketing Tools for First Page Rankings with Christopher Day of DemandJump

DemandJump is a marketing strategy platform that uses AI to determine the most important keywords for driving search engine traffic, and in this edition of the UpTech Report, host Alexander Ferguson meets with the CEO of DemandJump, Christopher Day to learn more.

Based on Google keyword analysis and understanding search intent, DemandJump’s AI keyword research tool provides a game plan for content marketers who want to increase first page rankings. Artificial intelligence does the SEO keyword research, and in addition to providing the keywords, it also tells you the actual questions that people are asking related to the keywords.

Once the new content goes live, you’ll get a full analysis of which pieces of content and campaigns are actually driving sales. Plus, DemandJump gives you regular consumer insight reports that tell you how customers are behaving and what other competitors are up to.

Christopher Day is the co founder and CEO of DemandJump. DemandJump is the #1 Marketing Strategy Platform that shows marketers the content to create that will increase Page One rankings and drive better outcomes. 

Previously, Christopher has founded 8 companies, all in different verticals, and has had exits to Comcast, Motorola, Time Warner and NWP. He has founded, built and grown companies in billing software, automated meter reading, broadband, investment banking and others. Christopher lives in Zionsville, IN with his son.



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