Showing Weaknesses, Gathering Strengths | Surbhi Rathore at Symbl AI

In part one of our conversation with Surbhi Rathore, she told us about her company, Symbl AI, and their efforts to develop a conversational intelligence platform that can plug in to any business network.

In this second part of our conversation, she reveals the unlikely path she took to creating this company, and she shares some important lessons that anyone starting their own company will want to hear.

More information:

Surbhi is CEO and co-founder of Symbl is bringing to life her vision for a programmable platform that empowers developers to deploy conversational data in their collaboration products and workflows. She co-founded Symbl (previously almost 2 years ago and was part of the Techstars Seattle ’19 class. Symbl raised an early-stage venture round of 1.8M eight months ago.

Symbl used the funding to grow a team of tech junkies to 25 people primarily distributed between India and Seattle. She comes with experience from technical and customer-obsessed roles in both startups and enterprises such as Nevis Networks and Amdocs. Before co-founding Symbl, she worked in the Conversational AI space with a focus on delivering value to Telco users. She is an advocate for Women in AI with a personal mission to inspire more women to work in Data Science. In her free time, she loves to travel the world and think about what problems need to be solved.




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