Supply Chain Tech for the 21st Century with Tom Kieley from SourceDay

Tom Kieley, the co-founder and CEO of SourceDay, likes to call buyers the unsung heroes of an organization.

Developing and selling a product is all well and good, “But if you can’t deliver that product because of a supplier miss,” Tom says, “or because of a lead time issue, or just a lack of visibility—which is what everyone in the world is seeing today—it’s worthless.”

SourceDay aims to give those unsung heroes the tools they need to optimize their performance and make getting products out the door as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Tom Kieley is the CEO and co-founder of SourceDay, a supply chain performance software that bridges the gap between the ERP and the supplier network, making it easy to manage changes throughout the direct spend lifecycle. For too long, change has been the only constant for manufacturers, distributors, and CPG brands relying on legacy processes to manage suppliers.

With SourceDay’s suite of collaborative products, entire teams can trace a single part from PO issuance through delivery, giving organizations unprecedented command and control over their businesses. SourceDay has helped thousands of businesses prevent surprises in their supply chains and, in doing so, enabled them to ship billions of parts on time, uncover new cost savings, safeguard revenue, optimize operations and protect sacred customer relationships.

Tom leverages a 16-year career in SaaS technology and operations, working for enterprise software providers including Asure Software, Actian and Dell. His entrance into the supply chain space began early in his career, where he served as an operations supervisor for Dell Manufacturing.

Tom has a bachelor’s degree in industrial distribution from Texas A&M University. He is also the co-founder of RightGift, a platform that helps non-profit organizations, charities and schools increase awareness and curate wish lists for critical donations.



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