Safe Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion with Paolo Venneri from USNC-Tech

As a child, Paolo Venneri began to notice a theme in his beloved science fiction: All space-faring civilizations relied on an ultimate power source. Growing up in Los Alamos, home to the famous national energy laboratory, Paolo was surrounded by scientists and engineers tackling this very issue.

Eventually, Paolo would too, with his company, USNC-Tech, which develops safe nuclear power and propulsion for space exploration.

Paolo’s ambition is to make the technology commercially available and used for permanent bases on the moon and beyond.

More information:

Dr. Paolo Venneri is the Executive Vice President of Ultra Safe Nuclear’s Advanced Technologies division, where he leads projects related to developing fuel and reactor designs for nuclear thermal propulsion, nuclear electric propulsion, and surface fission power.

His technical background includes researching the development of Low-Enriched Uranium Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (LEU-NTP) systems for the past five years. Dr. Venneri was the first to publish on LEU-NTP systems’ neutronic design, and is actively involved in the development of LEU graphite composite, tungsten cermet, and advanced NTP systems.



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