The Cinderella CEO | Ray Hein from Propel

For decades, Ray Hein has been involved in designing products, working with remote teams spread across the globe. He’s always been interested in finding ways to make the process more efficient, which included a ten-year run with a software company eventually sold to Oracle.

Now, for the first time, he finds himself the founder and CEO of a tech startup called Propel, a SaaS product built on Salesforce that helps distributed teams work together faster and smarter.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Ray talks about how he first started working in this space, and his company’s fairytale funding origins.

More information:

Ray Hein is the CEO and co-founder of Propel, which helps companies achieve product success by connecting the people, systems and processes needed to deliver products from concept to customer. Based on years of experience building and leading product management teams in both SaaS software and hardware companies, Hein launched Propel in 2015 to disrupt a fragmented PLM process by harnessing all disparate elements into one flexible and easy-to-use platform that is the single source of product truth for the entire value chain.

Prior to founding Propel, Hein served as Senior Vice President of Product Management at Apttus, where he was responsible for product strategy and new product launches. He has also held senior leadership roles at Vendavo and Centric Software. Hein spent nearly a decade at Agile Software where he led product strategy and development and created the company’s product development roadmap, based upon his in depth experience and knowledge of manufacturing. Hein was also responsible for the identification and acquisition of seven companies, ultimately resulting in Agile’s own acquisition by Oracle.

Hein is known as a results driven leader, as well as a thought-leader within the analyst community. He has been awarded three patents covering product network effect and enterprise platform integration. Hein is Pragmatic Marketing certified, focusing on value propositions and prioritization to drive focused, market validated, product launches. Additionally, he is a Certified Agile scrum master. 




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