The Dangers of AI and How to Protect Yourself

In the continuation of our conversation with Technologist William Ammerman, we explore how modern digital marketing is changing the way people are persuaded.

His findings have startling implications for society. Some say, “the more significant developments in technological engagement are years away.”

How’s our relationship with AI?

“We’re already at a point where we are empathetically relating to our devices, and by empathetically relating to our devices, we are opening ourselves up to persuasion at a very deep level”, William mentions.

Studies have shown that the more human-like a relationship with a device is, the more empathetic we are and the more vulnerable we are to persuasion. So we have to start pondering: what does it mean that we’re all talking to our devices; that we’re asking these devices questions?

“What happens when the news is being written by an algorithm that’s owned by the same people who are harnessing that algorithmic information to make stock trades?”, he argues.



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