The Giving Spree | Greg Segall from Alyce

Alyce isn’t Greg Segall’s first startup—his first began when he was 19, and there were more that followed. But when he talks about the difference between the success of Alyce and the others, it isn’t merely a matter of lessons learned through the years.

It was, in fact, the birth of his daughter that inspired him to create something more – with a purpose that makes a difference “The love that you have for this little baby is like more than you’d ever imagine,” Greg says. “And the last company I started was great…. But it wasn’t an impactful business.”

To create a business with more meaning, Greg developed what he calls “the three pillars of giving.” They include giving an authentic experience, giving back to the community, and giving to the planet.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Greg tells us how he came to appreciate these principles and incorporate them into the very foundation and platform of a business that’s changing the way we approach digital marketing and relationship building.

More information:

A serial entrepreneur, Greg Segall founded his third company, Alyce in December 2015 with the goal to fundamentally change the way people invest in business relationships using corporate gifting, swag and more. The mission is to help everyone create personal bonds with everyone they do business with.

Each “investable” moment create by Alyce is built on the 3 pillars of giving:

– How to create an experience that can authentically bring people closer together

– How to give back to planet

– How to give to those in need

Prior to Alyce, Greg was the former founder and CEO One Pica, a premier global e-commerce agency, where Greg worked some of the largest commerce and supply chain infrastructures in the world, including 3M and Scholastic. 

Greg has also invested, scaled, and aided the acquisition of several retailers, taking them from single-digit operations to hundreds of millions of dollars within a few years. One Pica was acquired in December 2012 by a holding company in San Francisco.

Greg lives in Massachusetts with his wife and threenager. He is a tech geek, fitness freak, podcast junkie, baseball monkey and 6-string shredder.

Alyce creates authentic, Personal Experience moments through gifting, swag, and direct mail to help businesses grow at scale. As the only Personal Experience (PX) Platform, Alyce bridges the physical and digital worlds to enable Enterprise companies better engage, connect, and convert prospects and customers while delivering measurable results.



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