The Home Run | Johnny Hanna from Homie

King of the world, young successful businessman in front of the city at night

It seems often that founders start off attempting to solve one problem in a market, and that work leads them to an even bigger problem—and their second startup. This is Johnny Hanna’s story.

He began with a startup just out of college that offered a software solution for apartment rental management. Through this work, he discovered that many people chose to rent apartments because they were too intimidated by the bureaucracy and expenses of buying a home. So he started his second company, Homie, which set out to eliminate those obstacles.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Johnny discusses the special challenges he faced in a highly regulated market with a fixed culture, how he eventually managed to raise fifty million in funds, and overcoming the fear of failure in the beginning years.

More information:

Johnny Hanna is CEO and Co-Founder of Homie. Homie’s mission is to simplify home buying and selling with a one-stop-shop experience with Homie Real Estate, Homie Loans, Homie Title, and Homie Insurance.

Prior to Homie, Johnny was President and Co-Founder of Entrata, a real estate software company, where he helped the company grow to over $100 million in annual revenue.  Johnny and his wife, Paige, have 7 boys, 1 little girl, and two dogs. Johnny and Paige are both trained mental fitness coaches and have a passion for helping others heal.




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