Transforming Fashion with a Shape-Shifting Mannequin

Visits to the local tailor aren’t as common as they once were. The focus is on mass-produced garments that ideally fit our body type as best as possible. We are short, tall, slight, and large, and clothes require complicated adjustments to fit a diverse population.

But though designers and tailors are working hard at major clothing companies—and also at other suppliers, such as the military and sports sectors—they’re working without the customers to measure.

In this edition of UpTech Report, I talk with Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, the founder and CEO of Euveka, who realized that the industrialization of clothes had only occurred at the production end, not the design end. What if there was a way to replicate that customer base that’s gone missing, to give designers the proper framework to build on? The Biomimetic Robot Mannequin was Audrey-Laure’s answer.

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