SMS for ROI | Brandon O’Halloran at ReplyBuy

One of the great promises of the internet was the ability for companies to quickly and easily engage with an enormous range of potential customers. And yet, while the population has fully embraced the swiftness and efficiency of SMS, sales teams are too often still tied to the antiquity of email and phones to close the deal.

On this episode of UpTech Report, I talk with Brandon O’Halloran of ReplyBuy, about his efforts to offer a text messaging solution for sales teams at scale. Brian believes that text messaging will be a major mode of business communication in the future—and he offers some intriguing numbers to back up the claim.

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Brandon O’Halloran is a proud native of Omaha, NE. Husband to Shannon and father to Brooks. He grew up in a family running a small business so has had entrepreneurship ambitions since a young age. During college, he worked for the men’s basketball team at the University of Nebraska, which enabled him to land a Grad Assistant job at Benedictine College where he completed his MBA.

Post college, he worked his way up the ranks quickly to a senior sales executive at Infogroup where he spent two years learning the ins and outs of enterprise sales. This led him to joining the founding team at ReplyBuy in 2014. Brandon’s primary focus has been on revenue generation where he’s spearheaded the company’s breakthrough in sports, entertainment and higher ed securing customers such as the New York Yankees, Chicago Blackhawks and University of Southern California. He now leads ReplyBuy’s day to day operation as the CEO where he has overseen a 177% YoY increase in gross profit in the last 12 months.




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