Using AI for Better Conversations with Noah Zandan from Quantified

Working on Wall Street in investment banking, Noah Zandan learned a lot about finance and quantitative analysis—and nothing about leadership. The thought of living his life in spreadsheets terrified him, but he found a dearth of guidance on how to be a leader.

His searches for a leadership coach turned up questionable characters and outlandishly expensive consultants. Knowing he wasn’t alone, he realized this was a bigger problem than he originally expected. And he spent years exploring a science-driven solution.

The ultimate result was Quantified, a “conversation intelligence and coaching platform” that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral science to understand your communication effectiveness and train you to be better, whether you want to be a leader, salesperson, or high-performer in any role.

More information:

Noah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quantified, and a pioneer in applying behavioral science and AI to elevate human connection. 

Under Noah’s leadership, Quantified has become the most-advanced conversation intelligence and coaching platform, unlocking the full potential of leaders and organizations through revolutionary data-driven guidance on how they can better connect with their target audiences.

Quantified works globally with everyone from leaders of corporations, government organizations, and TED speakers, to thousands of future leaders including college and graduate students, veterans, nurses, and scientists.

Noah is the author of Insights into Influence, a bestselling book on the strategies, tactics, and secrets of world class leaders. He has delivered main-stage TED and TED-Ed Talks with over 16 million views, he spoke at SXSW on the Intelligent Future, and he was nationally broadcast discussing the future of personal analytics on NPR All Tech Considered. 

Noah was recognized as one of the 25 Top Global Innovators in marketing and communications by PRovoke, one of the top 100 alumni in technology from Dartmouth, and Quantified was a 2020 finalist for the EdTech Cool Tool Awards in the AI category. 

His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Quartz, Forbes, and Fortune. He regularly lectures at The University of Texas, Harvard Business School, Kellogg/Northwestern, and Stanford Graduate School of Business on the intersection between leadership communication, behavioral science, and AI.  

Noah formerly specialized in quantitative analysis on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, and for Private Equity firm Brentwood Associates. He has an Economics degree from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. 

Noah is also the founder and executive director of the Rockway Foundation, a non-profit supporting education in underserved areas of Latin America. 

He’s a native of Austin, TX where he lives with his wife and three kids, including 2-year-old twins. 



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