Using AI+Humans for Better Lead Responses with David Tal at

Our methods of communicating have transformed dramatically over the past twenty years. Phone calls are a thing of the past. People now greatly prefer the privacy and convenience of texting and instant messaging.

This is especially true for sales. But what may be a convenience for the average consumer can be a technological and managerial challenge for sales teams. The result is leads being answered too slowly—or not at all.

As the CEO of, David Tal is offering a new solution that leverages the best of artificial intelligence and natural language processing and the authentic power of real people to produce the most authentic AI+ human-powered engagement with prospective customers.

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David Tal is CEO and co-founder of, the leading 2-way conversational sales and marketing platform.  Verse helps businesses engage and qualify leads at scale using AI+human guided SMS conversations for industry leading brands across real estate, mortgage, home services, financial services, solar, insurance, SaaS, healthcare and more. 

David Tal has been a leading voice in the conversational marketing space, and has been featured in Forbes, Inman, Housingwire, the Real Deal, and speaks regularly at industry events on the changing consumer landscape and how businesses need to leverage the power of 2-way SMS conversations to attract, engage and convert the modern consumer.



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