Cybersecurity for Smaller Companies with Rob Simopoulos from Defendify

One of the greatest threats facing businesses in the 21st century is cybersecurity. More and more we’re seeing hackers take control of business systems and demanding a ransom for its release.

And it’s no longer just enterprise businesses at risk. Hackers have figured out that preying on smaller, more vulnerable companies can be equally as effective. It’s specifically to help protect those companies without security teams that Rob Simopoulos co-founded Defendify, which offers an all-in-one cybersecurity solution.

Their goal is to give companies protection that extends well beyond the technology and includes awareness, culture, and training.

More information:

Rob Simopoulos is the Co-Founder of Defendify, the award-winning all-in-one cybersecurity platform designed specifically for organizations without security teams to continuously strengthen their cybersecurity posture across people, process, and technology. In his 20+ years in the security industry, Rob has successfully built and grown multiple businesses and is a frequent author and speaker on security and recurring revenue model strategies.



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