Using Machine Learning for Property Assessment with John-Isaac “JC” Clark from Arturo

If you’ve ever taken out an insurance policy on your home, you’ve likely had to answer a long list of questions, many of which are difficult to answer. Do you know how many feet your house is from the nearest fire hydrant? Do you know what type of shingles are on your roof? But answering just one of these questions incorrectly could end up costing you when filing a claim.

John-Isaac “JC” Clark offers a solution with his company, Arturo, which uses aerial imagery and machine learning to analyze your home.

With their technology, insurance companies are better able to understand the assets they’re protecting and construct the best policies.

More information:

Arturo is a deep learning spin-out from American Family Insurance relentlessly committed to delivering highly accurate physical property characteristic data and predictive analysis for residential and commercial properties for use in the Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance, Reinsurance, Lending, and Securities markets. Leveraging the latest satellite, aerial, and ground-level imagery, as well as unique proprietary data sources, Arturo’s deep learning models provide differentiated property data unparalleled by any other provider – often in as little as 5 seconds.



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