Fostering Relationships, Forecasting Financials with Brandon Metcalf from Place Technology

At 19, Brandon Metcalf was a bank teller in Florida. He one day found himself talking to the regional Executive VP, and she asked what he wanted to do. “I want your job eventually,” he said. “What do I need to do to get there?” She gave him some goals, and gradually he met them.

Two years later, he was managing a bank, and soon thereafter, he was opening a new branch. The chief lesson he learned throughout this climb was the importance of relationship building.

This lesson would eventually lead him to start several companies, including his current startup, Place Technology, which offers financial forecasting software to help companies produce the info they need to grow and thrive.

More information:

Brandon Metcalf has extensive experience creating, scaling, and leading global companies, with a deep understanding of building successful software companies on the Salesforce Platform. He is currently the CEO and founder of Place Technology, a software solution that automates financial and business processes with live connected data, so that companies can  easily collaborate, gain visibility, and work more efficiently.

He is also a founder and on the board of directors for Blueprint Advisory, a product development outsourcing company, that helps other companies build Salesforce-based businesses.

He was formerly the founder and president of Talent Rover, an operating software for the global staffing and recruitment industry, which he scaled to the 9th fastest-growing software company in America in 2017 (Inc. 500). Talent Rover had tens of thousands of users around the world and worked with both enterprise and SMB clients.

Brandon’s diverse background also includes leadership roles in software, staffing & recruiting, and financial services. In addition to his other projects, he is currently completing a three-year executive management program at Harvard Business School.



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