Why Bootstrapping is Better | Andrew Butt from Enable

When just beginning a startup, if an offer was made for a million dollar investment, most people would probably take the money. That’s understandable. The blood, sweat, and tears of scraping along on your own dime is not a choice one would elect if another option existed.

But taking the money could be a terrible mistake, according to Andew Butt, the co-founder and CEO of Enable. “Being venture funded too early can result in spending a lot of capital before there’s any proof points,” he says. In his early years, he ground it out, and he says it made his company stronger.

Today, Enable helps companies manage complex B2B deals and has changed the way many leading brands do business.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Andrew talks about how he went from building software for other companies to following his dream of building his own, and how and when he eventually knew it was the right time to finally go after that funding.

More information:

Andrew Butt is the Co-founder & CEO of Enable, a modern, cloud-based B2B software solution for rebate management. Distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers across over 50 industries now have an easy, seamless solution to execute and track their full range of trading programs. The company is backed by $16M in funding from notable Silicon Valley investors, Menlo Ventures and Sierra Ventures.

Launched in 2017, Andrew and his co-founder met twenty years ago while learning to fly helicopters. In March 2000, they formed their first business together, DCS E-Commerce, a profitable software engineering company, employing a team of 100. The company was ranked in the Sunday Times as the 50th fastest growing private technology company in Britain.

Four years later, they co-founded Information Matrix Ltd, a B2B SaaS business, which was acquired by London-based private equity firm Sovereign Capital.



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