Your Outer Space Workspace | Renji Bijoy from Immersed

Work-from-home culture was already prevalent before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s quickly become a way of life, and many are never going back. But our home offices often leave much to be desired—if you’re even lucky enough to have a home office that isn’t also your bedroom.

And connecting with coworkers on Zoom can highlight the distance between us, rather than bring us together. As a software developer working with remote teams, Renji Bijoy felt these problems keenly. And when he set out to develop a solution using VR, he quickly discovered he wasn’t alone.

“Over the course of about a month, I had a list of 3000 people who wanted to buy this product,” Renji says, “but the product didn’t exist.” Thankfully, it does exist today, and it’s called Immersed.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Renji discusses how Immersed allows people with VR headsets to enter a virtual office space for working alone or collaborating with others, and with features only possible in an artificial world—including working on a space station.

More information:

Renji, the founder of Immersed, a Techstars startup partnered with Facebook, HTC, & Microsoft to build VR Offices, who has raised $12M to date. Renji is part of 2021’s Forbes 30 Under 30, received a Master’s degree from Georgia Tech (#3 Computer Science graduate school in the US) in Computer Vision + Machine Learning, was a Techstars portfolio founder (top 10 of 10,000 candidates, top 0.1%), and was the lead software architect @ (growth-hacked to 3M followers in 2 months)!



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