Rewarding the Robots | Chris Nicholson from Pathmind

Anyone who’s seen the film Moneyball understands how computer simulations and statistical analysis has totally transformed the world of sports. Well, it’s not just sports. The same technology that’s used to assess how a batter gets on base is used to analyze how a factory worker retrieves a box.

The vast complexity of supply chain and manufacturing systems makes these industries perfectly positioned for assistance from AI and machine learning. But these technologies are not simple, and even once simulations are designed, there’s opportunities to take them further.

Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report is doing that with his company, Pathmind, which offers AI and Deep Reinforcement Learning technologies to bring simulations in supply chain and manufacturing sectors to their fullest potential.

Chris Nicholson is Pathmind’s founder and CEO, and he joins us to explain how Deep Reinforcement Learning uses a reward-based approach to train AI, and he discusses the numerous ways it can help companies increase worker efficiency, save energy, and make smart recommendations for better decision making.

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Chris Nicholson is the founder of Pathmind, an AI startup that applies deep reinforcement learning to supply chain and industrial operations. Pathmind optimizes performance in warehouses and on factory floors, using cloud and edge compute.

Chris previously founded Skymind, an AI company focused on deep learning and machine perception. Before that, he headed communications and recruiting for FutureAdvisor, a Sequoia-backed Y Combinator startup acquired by BlackRock.



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