Accessing Future SaaS Revenue | Miguel Fernández from Capchase

SaaS is quickly becoming the default mode of revenue for software companies, and it’s clear why. Instead of inspiring your customer base to purchase upgrades, you can lock them into a repeating subscription fee that ensures they continue to enjoy the latest features and compatibility.

But this strategy comes with the downside of having your revenue stream diluted across months or even years, making growth more challenging.

This is the problem Miguel Fernández sought to solve with his company Capchase. On this edition of UpTech Report, Miguel discusses how Capchase enables companies to have access to those revenue streams faster, giving them the capital they need to expand their businesses.

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Miguel is cofounder and CEO of Capchase. Prior to launching Capchase, Miguel worked for 2 years in management consulting and then moved into SaaS. He headed sales and customer success at Geoblink, a Location Intelligence SaaSCo and scaled it from 0 to 2m+ ARR. After that, Miguel was pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School researching working capital and cash conversion cycle optimization.




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