Creating an Automated Loan Origination System with Vladimir Kovacevic of Inovatec

Is it possible to automate lending for equipment and automotive financing? In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with founder & CEO of Inovatec Systems, Vladimir Kovacevic, to learn how his loan origination technology company is helping lenders simplify lending processes.

To start, Kovacevic discusses his early days growing up in Serbia and how it set him on a unique entrepreneurial path. He talks about doing business in the United States and Canada, pursuing the American Dream, and starting his FinTech loan management software company — Inovatec.

Inovatec is a loan origination and loan management software provider that helps organizations speed up the lending process and automate their lending business. With Inovatec’s software, lenders can automatically manage credit applications, lending decisions, documentation, onboarding, and reporting requirements all in one centralized hub. Through this technology, lenders can streamline their operations, lower expenses, maintain compliance, and book more deals.

More information:

Vladimir Kovacevic is founder and managing partner of Inovatec Systems, a global provider of loan origination solutions for a wide range of lenders, including banks, credit unions, automobile and power sports financing providers, and other institutions. Under his stewardship, Inovatec has earned a reputation for successfully leveraging advanced technologies to help customers book loans faster and more efficiently than other providers in the market.

Kovacevic founded Inovatec in 2006 after spending several years working as an engineer at Eastman Kodak, and was responsible for managing the network infrastructure at the company’s Medford, Oregon facility. While at Kodak, he utilized advanced development and project management skills that he subsequently brought to Inovatec, forming the foundation of the company’s technical capabilities and service-oriented approach.

Kovacevic resides with his family in the Vancouver, BC area.



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