AI Written Stories Using GPT-3 Deep Learning with Ankur Pandey of

Co-founder of Ankur Pandey joins the UpTech Report for a conversation about long-form content generation using artificial intelligence. 

We learn that there are numerous AI content generators on the web currently, but very few successful long-form AI writers. Pandey explains how generating well-researched long-form content that is both authentic and natural is a much more difficult problem to solve than simply generating short snippets of text.

However, LongShot’s new AI writing tool is attempting to take on the challenge. It can generate thousands of words of written content with the click of a button on any topic or keyword desired, saving marketers and long-form content writers tons of time. 

Humans then look over the results and pick out the best bits and pieces, do some basic editing, and congratulations! You have a fully written blog post or report in a fraction of the time that it typically takes to create one. is the AI platform to research & generate long form content. Create nuanced, authentic, human-like content with a few clicks.

This is Ankur’s second proper startup and his background has been almost a decade in Data science. Eventually, he wanted to leverage his experience to create amazing software products using the ever evolving field of AI, ML. team consists of data science, dev, & product folks with wide startup experience. The same team previously created cutting edge products like

The idea Of LongShot started out as an offshoot of a problem my team wanted to solve for a client. There are now new tools which focus on small content generation, but we soon realized that systematically generating authentic long marketing content remains under-served & unsystematic (and technically challenging)!

With the help of our early users, beta testers – we hope we created a system which can help marketers up their long form content game ✊. And hence, LongShot 🙂



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