Exploring Virtual Worlds and Metaverse Games with Alexander Fernandez of Streamline Media Group

In this UpTech Report, CEO Alexander Fernandez of Streamline Media Group meets with us to talk about Metaverse games and the future of virtual reality.

At its core, Streamline Media Group is in the business of Metaverse video game development, building beautiful interactive worlds and Metaverse games for entertainment companies. However, calling them just video game developers is only scratching the surface.

For starters, Fernandez talks us through how his company recently helped a top fashion brand launch their Fall ‘21 catalog online in a virtual world. It gives us a small taste of what is going to be possible with VR marketing in the coming years.

We also discuss what it takes to start a professional video game company in 2022. If you want to become a video game developer, the trend is definitely leading towards immersive digital worlds and VR development. Just check out Roblox, Minecraft, or Fortnite if you want to get an idea of the incredible popularity of some of these platforms.

Although, as Metaverse technology continues to improve and evolve, we are going to see more and more players joining in.

Alexander is a latinX entrepreneur whose passion is building value between the video game and traditional enterprise industries. He has used that passion to help grow Streamline from a small startup focused on gaming, to a global business with over 180 employees in 3 continents, and multiple brands under the Streamline Media Group umbrella. He believes that technology must always be a tool that helps people move forward, and the creative economy can be a launching ground for developing markets and economies.

Alexander is a frequent speaker at industry events and conventions worldwide, addressing topics related to entrepreneurship, outsourcing, game development, technology in non-gaming industries, organizational design, business models, and financing. His past speaking engagements include GDC, European  Commission, NASCOM, Israeli Games, Game Connection, E3, and many others. He has been published or quoted in multiple industry and trade magazines including SHRM Executive Network quarterly publication, People + Strategy, Forbes, Newsweek, and Thomson Reuters Foundation. 

He currently serves on the advisory board of Gamescom, and is a member of the Forbes Council. In 2016, Alexander was accepted into Endeavor, a global network of high-impact entrepreneurs and Harvard Business School’s OPM program. Prior to that he was an advisory board member for the Game Developer Conference Europe, Game Connection, and the European Game Developer’s Federation.

In 2020, Alexander launched Video Games Real Talk, a podcast about the business of video games, the future of the industry, and how the concept of gamification and the metaverse can benefit non-gaming companies in a post-COVID business era. 

Alexander lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and two children, where he is focused on the growth of Streamline Media Group into emerging markets.



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