Better Debugging | Luke Freiler from Centercode

Twenty years ago, the term “beta testing” might not have meant anything to your average person on the street, but today, with apps integrated so deeply with daily life, most everyone is familiar with the idea. But despite how ubiquitous the need to road test software before a full release, few companies have actually developed a formalized process. Instead, they just wing it. 

Luke Freiler discovered this as a Web Development Manager at Ericsson. He was tasked with beta testing a massive product and discovered, to his horror, that the company lacked any procedures whatsoever on how to conduct such an endeavor. 

When he was given permission to look outside the company for help developing beta testing protocols, he discovered no such services existed. That’s (eventually) how Centercode was born.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Luke discusses how he’s managed to leverage a once-in-a-while need into a full engagement lifecycle for some of the biggest brands in the world.

More information:

Luke Freiler is the Founder and CEO of Centercode, a beta and delta testing company that’s helped hundreds of enterprise and high-growth tech companies continuously perfect their products by leveraging the enthusiasm of their customers. With a network of over 250,000 testers, a team of expert consultants, and a software platform that automates the whole process, Centercode makes it simple to manage pre-release product tests.

Product managers, engineers, and testing professionals use Centercode to collect more product feedback with less time invested. They use pre-prioritized insights from Centercode to make data-driven product decisions and impact success at release.

With a background in user experience and software development, Luke continues to lead the design of the Centercode Platform, a comprehensive SaaS solution that enables companies to continuously engage with their audiences throughout product development and iteration. Before founding Centercode, Luke worked for Native Instruments as a Product Specialist and for Ericsson as a Web Development Manager to help develop, test, and launch a variety of consumer and business products.

A self-identified Tech Idealist, Luke’s vision is for a world where technology truly serves to solve real problems. He is passionate about working with product makers to turn that vision into a reality — one product at a time.




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