Being Your Own Abettor | Daniel Cunningham from Leonardo247

As a young engineer fresh out of college, Daniel Cunningham was working on a project installing equipment at a power plant in Northern California when he developed a process that saved his employers days of time and significant expenses.

It was then that he made the most important discovery of his career—smart solutions for your bosses bring zero rewards. “That flipped a switch inside of me,” he says. “If I’m going to come up with clever things that make somebody’s life easier, it would be nice to be the recipient of the accolades from that, whether they be personal or financial. That set me on my journey.”

That journey led him to found Leonardo247, a company that guides building managers through the complex daily work required to keep tenants safe and happy, while saving money and avoiding disasters.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Daniel walks us through those pivotal experiences early in his career and how they informed his current role as a founder. He also gives some important advice on how to build the right team—and how to move on from the wrong one.

More information:

Daniel Cunningham is a technologist, author, and recognized thought-leader in the field of institutional real estate management. A Civil Engineer by education, Cunningham has used his passion for process and innovation to bring new ideas to real estate development and management ever since he co-founded LivingHomes (now Plant Prefab), the first environmentally-focused modular homebuilder in the country which, in 2006, built the first LEED Platinum home in the world.

Later, building on his experience as Director of Asset Management for AIMCO and then as the Founder of Landmark Property Management Group in 2008, Cunningham introduced the “Nested Action Cycle” approach to property operations through his book 365 Days of Property Management. The principles expressed in this book became the basis of the software company Leonardo247 which launched it’s first beta product in 2014 and has become one of the fastest-growing software companies in the multifamily industry.

As the real estate industry’s first Performance Management software, Leonardo247 automates all of the processes, workflows, policies and procedures that underpin the best practices in real estate management and gives daily guidance to the on-site management teams in areas such as risk management, preventative maintenance, marketing, and training.




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