Building Consensus | Garin Hess at Consensus

For sales engineering teams, assembling demos can be exhausting and time consuming. Each demo must be tailored to meet the needs of prospective clients, and that can take hours out of your day, if not days out of your week. Garin Hess learned this firsthand when leading a tech startup earlier in his career.

After one long dispiriting day of putting together these demos, he resolved to find a better way. And that’s how his current startup, Consensus began.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Garin explains how his product dynamically assembles sales demos based on the needs and interests of the client and why he believes this style of personalization is key.

More information:

Garin Hess is a serial entrepreneur whose entire career has been in enterprise software, including in several roles acting as sales engineer. Garin has founded two software companies, three industry conferences, and a non-profit organization. He is currently the founder and CEO of Consensus, the leader in intelligent demo automation software.

Consensus helps sales engineering teams use interactive video demos to scale productivity by reducing wasted time doing repetitive unqualified demos so they can do more of what they do best: solution consulting. Garin recently published a book called “Selling is Hard. Buying is Harder.” that emphasizes an “buyer enablement” approach to B2B sales.

Outside of work, Garin enjoys reading history, mountain biking, hiking, writing, playing tennis, choir conducting, and spending time with his wife and their children.




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