Conversion Rate Optimization Through Split Testing with Andres Glusman of DoWhatWorks

Smart split tests can help drive tremendous growth for companies looking to increase sales and conversions. But how do marketing teams know what to test? CEO Andres Glusman of DoWhatWorks gives us some expert guidance on marketing funnel strategies in this interview from the UpTech Report.

Is your marketing funnel optimized or is there still room for improvement? Do What Works recommends that instead of going down this road alone, you draw inspiration from industry giants. They’re helping marketing and product teams do just that to optimize their growth funnels by “doing what works”.

They’ve studied thousands of split tests run across 40+ different industries, analyzing what the top 1600 companies are testing to see what is currently working the best. You can then use these same insights to drive growth in your own business.

They advertise themselves mainly as a Conversion Rate Accelerator, or in other words, a growth team’s dream come true.

Andres Glusman is the Cofounder/CEO of DoWhatWorks. DoWhatWorks is a conversion rate accelerator. Marketing, product, and growth teams use DoWhatWorks to deliver more wins from customer acquisition pages and SEM campaigns.

Andres helped launch Meetup, making their first $14 of revenue and used to lead product, growth and strategy. He is a pioneer in the Lean Startup movement and a behavioral scientist by training. 



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