Professional Learning Communities for the Business World with Sam Jacobs of Pavilion

Professional networking has always been a challenge, but since we’ve been spending so much time out of the office recently, it’s gotten even harder! It’s clear that we need new ways of connecting professionally with industry leaders and colleagues, but what is the solution? 

In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with Sam Jacobs, CEO of Pavilion (formerly known as Revenue Collective) to talk about professional learning communities in the business world (PLCs) and business networking 101. 

Our host, Alexander Ferguson, digs into how Jacobs first got started down this fascinating path with the community Revenue Collective, where they actually barred CEOs and investors from joining at first! You’ll find out why. Plus, Jacobs explains some of his own knowledge that he has acquired along the way while growing his own business.

Sam Jacobs is the Founder and CEO of Pavilion, the premier community and career development platform for high-growth leaders and their teams in every function.  Sam launched Pavilion as Revenue Collective in 2016 and bootstrapped the company to $10M in ARR before taking on a $25M growth financing round in early 2021, led by Elephant Ventures and GTM Fund. 

Prior to Pavilion, Sam spent 15 years as a senior revenue leader at VC-backed companies in the New York area including Gerson Lehrman Group, Axial, Livestream/Vimeo, The Muse, and Behavox.  He lives in the West Village of Manhattan with his wife and two dogs, Walty and Williams.



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