Fostering Community in the Online Workplace | Bill Boebel from Pingboard

Keeping employees connected and informed is essential to a healthy and productive workforce. But today, with so many people working remotely, generating a feeling of community in the workplace is an increasing challenge.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Bill Boebel discusses his search for a quality solution, which eventually led him to create his own. The results are Pingboard, a social networking and communications system that’s now used by over 350,000 employees across the world.

More information:

Bill Boebel is CEO and founder of Pingboard, which provides employee engagement software to thousands of companies. Prior to Pingboard, Bill was CTO & co-founder of Webmail, the largest B2B email provider before Gmail hit the scene.

After Webmail was acquired by Rackspace, Bill helped found Capital Factory, which helps entrepreneurs in Austin build great companies. Pingboard was born out of a need faced by Capital Factory, Rackspace and Webmail.




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