Inspiring Change with Better Tech | Adi Azaria from Workiz

As a young soldier in the Israeli army, something deeply bothered Adi Azaria: the paperwork. But it wasn’t the work that bothered him, it was the paper. “Most of the workers over there in this elite unit were basically ruining a lot of rain forests,” Adi says. “And I couldn’t stand it.

We have computers, let’s try to do something else!” And through his persistence, he managed to convert his unit to paperless operations. The process eventually spread through the entire Israel army. It showed him that technology can be a positive force of change in society.

Today, he’s making a similar effort, bringing the service-work industry off yellow notepads and into the 21st century, saving people time, expenses, and a lot of wasted gas.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Adi discusses how he determined his product was worth a thousand times more than he initially realized, and also talks about how overcoming the initial fear of starting a business changed him personally.

More information:

Adi Azaria is the CEO of Workiz, a San Diego-based field service management and communication platform that serves locksmith, junk removal, carpet cleaning, garage door repair, appliance repair, and other on-demand service businesses.

Business owners leverage Workiz’s complete cloud-based solution to manage and automate every aspect of their businesses, whether in the office or in the field, 24/7. With Workiz, businesses can take full control of calls, scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoices, and reports, all in one place. Workiz enables business owners to track and monitor every job and manage all communications between technicians, dispatchers, and clients. Service businesses using Workiz get more jobs done in less time, increase revenue, and grow faster.

Before Joining Workiz as CEO,  Azaria co-founded Sisense, a leading business intelligence solution. Azaria received his BSc in Computer Science at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel.



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