Your Personal Automated Rev Ops Team | Todd Abbott from InsightSquared

If you work in sales for an enterprise company, you probably have an expert revenue ops team providing you with engaging visual insights into how you succeed, why you fail, and in what areas you should be focusing your attention.

And if you don’t work for an enterprise company… you might find yourself gazing blankly at Excel spreadsheets, wondering what all these numbers mean. This was the experience of Todd Abbott. After working for a large company with excellent resources and support, he found himself in an entirely new situation.

“I went to a startup that didn’t have that, and I was lost. And so that’s when I got exposed to InsightSquared many years ago, simply searching the web, like we all do, looking for a solution to a problem I had.” He couldn’t have predicted that he would go from customer to CEO.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Todd tells the story of how he joined the company, and explains how InsightSquared auto-generates revenue intelligence with interactive reports, forecasting, and even coaching through the use of a virtual assistant.

More information:

As CEO of InsightSquared, Todd Abbott is on a mission to extend the dreaded 16-month tenure of CROs by improving forecast accuracy and delivering deep analytics and insights that pinpoint exactly where and how revenue teams can improve execution.

Abbott has three decades of experience leading go-to-market teams at multinational corporations including Cisco, Seagate, Avaya and most recently Mitel where he served as executive vice president of sales and services.

InsightSquared helps B2B companies take control of the revenue journey. CROs and revenue teams partner with InsightSquared to turn data gaps into opportunities—and wins. Here’s how.

Using machine learning, we automatically capture, integrate and analyze every revenue activity throughout the sales process giving you unprecedented visibility and predictability into your pipeline and quarter.

Then we calculate your winning deal profiles, clearly identifying what great looks like, when to coach, where to drive improvement, and how to create long-term competitive advantages. InsightSquared is your blueprint to revenue growth.



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