The Best Productivity Tools for Remote Workers in 2022 with Kenzo Fong of Rock

In today’s tech world, employees often have to juggle dozens of different apps at once just to get work done. Imagine searching for files on Google Drive, so that you can update a Task on Trello, and communicating about all of it over Slack or Zoom. Often, messages, files, notes tasks, and video calls all require different apps that are completely mismatched. Kenzo Fong knew we needed a better, more unified way of doing things so he launched his SaaS company Rock.

“Rock is a new hub for getting work done. Messaging, tasks, files, notes, and meetings. All in one space. All for free.”

In this edition of the UpTech report, host Alexander Ferguson meets with Fong to talk about how Rock helps distributed teams to work more productively. He explains his full story from working at Google and Uber, leading globally distributed teams, and eventually, launching his own software company.

Kenzo Fong is CEO & Founder of Rock, a company on a mission to enable anyone to work from anywhere. From Google Maps to Android, and Uber, Kenzo has helped build and grow products that have ended up delighting billions of people. In all of these roles, he joined early on and helped these projects find market fit by building and leading product marketing, brand and growth teams through different stages of maturity and scale.

Kenzo has extensive experience building platforms through Android — the world’s most popular mobile platform, defining and bringing to market local and hardware products through Google Maps & Google hardware and growing three-sided marketplaces through Uber Eats.

Through these experiences, he also saw the issues that come with global teams, and the shortcomings of the various collaboration tools. While managing distributed work, he saw how frustrating it was to deal with teams using different tools in different time zones, which planted the seed for Rock. 

Rock is purpose-built for remote work and allows you to switch to a more asynchronous way of working. With Rock, teams from all parts of the world can work together through messaging, task creation, integrated video calls, with ease and without annoying “pings” in the middle of the night. Rather than productivity tools that don’t work together and actually fragment the workflow, Kenzo developed an all-in-one platform to reduce anxiety and work efficiently from anywhere in the world. He now runs the company from his van-office with employees in 10 countries and 7 time zones. 



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