The Cloud Management Maestro | Tobias Kunze from Glasnostic

Tobias Kunze began as a classically trained musician and composer. It was his interest in digital sound synthesis that attracted him to coding.

But it may have also been his ability to understand harmony and counterpoint that enabled him to recognize the complex interdependencies of modern computing—and the underlying problems that needed to be solved.

“The success of your entire service landscape no longer depends on the code… it depends on how all these systems interact,” Tobias says.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Tobias talks about forming these early realizations and how they led him to create Glasnostic, a tech startup that actively monitors and manages interactions in the cloud, allowing problems to be resolved in real time before they take down systems.

More information:

As CEO and co-founder of Glasnostic, Tobias Kunze is on a mission to make enterprise cloud architectures reliable and secure. Before founding Glasnostic, he co-founded Makara, the enterprise PaaS that became Red Hat OpenShift.

Glasnostic provides reliability and security engineers with runtime control over their cloud architectures. This allows teams to tune and shape how their systems interact, automatically and in real-time.




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