The Disaster Detective | Lodewijk Bogaards from StackState

Lodewijk Bogaards set himself a goal—he wanted to be the CTO of a cool tech startup in ten year’s time. Only one year later, he was the co-founder and CTO of StackState, a company that gives admins full observability on their systems, enabling them to quickly identify problems.

Like all founders, he’s encountered a few problems of his own along the way, including the balancing act of developing the best product while getting it to market quickly.

In this edition of Founders Journey, Lodewijk discusses how he approached these problems and what he’d do differently. He also explains why he believes we’re heading toward a world of perfect software code.

More information:

Lodewijk Bogaards is a StackState co-founder and CTO. He combines deep technical skills with high-level technical vision.

If he’s not working on StackState, Lodewijk might be found playing squash, answering questions on StackOverflow, or meditating.




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