Figuring Out the Failures | Lodewijk Bogaards from StackState

When something goes wrong in a highly complex integrated system, the damage is potentially enormous. Even the smallest error can cost millions. But when you have so many technologies interacting, isolating the problem can be extremely difficult.

This is a problem that Lodewijk Bogaards understands well. “Think about the process running in a container, running on a pod, running on a virtual machine, running on a hypervisor, running in a blade on a rack in a data center somewhere,” he says. As a consultant for a bank, his client needed a better ability to understand their systems.

And as Lodewijk will tell you, there’s no better way to start a company than when you can find the solution to a problem a bank needs to have solved. StackState was born, a company that gives admins full observability on their systems, enabling them to quickly identify problems.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Lodewijk explains how his technology manages this feat, and the various ways it can help companies avoid disaster.

More information:

Lodewijk Bogaards is a StackState co-founder and CTO. He combines deep technical skills with high-level technical vision.

If he’s not working on StackState, Lodewijk might be found playing squash, answering questions on StackOverflow, or meditating.




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