Turning Data to Direction | France Hoang from boodleAI

Any organization wanting to make sales or raise money knows they need to leverage data. But understanding the need doesn’t mean one knows how to do it. We assemble impressive-looking charts and graphs that may make us feel informed—but it doesn’t always tell us what to do.

France Hoang is very familiar with how companies struggle with making the leap from data to direction. “There’s a problem they all have,” he says, “which is where do I devote my advertising or sales or fundraising dollars, and most importantly, time?”

France set out to find a way to turn data into something companies can actually use to make smart decisions. So he co-founded boodleAI, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data for actionable items.

On this edition of UpTech Report, France explains how his product not only helps companies analyze their data, but also adds to the data by connecting it to external sources—and he explains how his product can accomplish in 45 minutes what might normally take a team of data scientists weeks.

More information:

France Hoang is a veteran entrepreneur who has been on the founding teams of companies that have generated over $600 million of combined sales and employed over 1,200 professionals across the fields of law, aerospace, defense, government services, and artificial intelligence. 

France is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of boodleAI, a SaaS technology company that finds the best prospects in any contact list. It leverages proven AI/machine learning to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in organizations, along with billions of third party data points, to help organizations achieve significant lifts in conversion, engagement, and retention rates through predictive analytics.



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