Up the Ladder and Out the Window | Brian Rainey from Gooten

For many founders, the precipitating experience to starting a company is merely a desire to solve a problem identified in a marketplace. But for Brian Rainey, it was working his way up the corporate ladder through accounting and finance.

He went from CPA to CFO, all the while knowing it would eventually lead to spreading his wings and founding his own company. “My plan was always to get the corporate background and then apply that into a startup,” he says.

Now that plan has come to fruition with his company, Gooten, which connects businesses with a global network of custom printers for fast, scalable on-demand print services.

In this edition of Founder’s Journey, Brian talks about how his experience as a numbers guy influences his decisions as a CEO—and he shares the single-most important advice he tells beginning founders.

More information:

Brian Rainey was named CEO of Gooten in January 2016. Rainey develops the company’s strategic vision and oversees all aspects of operations, including building the management team, financing, and global expansion.

Rainey previously served as chief financial officer at Buzz Points, a fintech company, and held positions at Deutsche Bank and Deloitte, where he provided accounting and audit services to startups preparing for potential IPOs, private sales, or capital raises.

Rainey, a licensed C.P.A, received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from James Madison University and an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Gooten is a globally distributed production and logistics company transforming the way online brands manufacture and fulfill merchandise to their customers. Gooten has forged a new print-on-demand model to serve high-growth online stores in unprecedented ways.

We think of our customers as partners and treat each facet of our business accordingly—from letting your voice be heard through our Partner Advisory Committee to layering in operational mechanisms that maximize your business economics, while boasting industry-leading product quality.

Every aspect has been thought through with our partners and their end customers in mind, tapping into incredible efficiencies and smart technologies that deliver results.




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