When the Angel Investor Is You | Seth Patin at LogistiVIEW

Seth Patin didn’t get an MBA at Stanford and lacked the connections to the world of venture capitalism—but he had the skills and the vision to start a new company, so he funded it out of his own pocket.

That company is LogistiVIEW, and they’re attempting to revolutionize industrialized work through the use of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

In this second part of our conversation with Seth, he discusses some of the challenges he met funding his own company, and how early feedback from potential clients caused him to redefine his approach to their product development.

More information:

Seth Patin is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and workforce technology visionary. As an engineer by education and a business leader by experience, he is excited to lead teams at Accelogix and LogistiVIEW to deliver technology solutions that optimize business processes for customers all over the world.

Accelogix is a consulting firm that designs and implements technology solutions in 5 key focus areas: Warehousing, Labor Management, Data Capture and Mobility, Connected Workforce technology, and Autonomous Mobile Robots. They are excited to be on the front lines of supply chain digitalization helping our clients grow, increase the maturity of their supply chains, and lead in a rapidly changing and fiercely competitive world.

LogistiVIEW believes in the untapped power of the connected frontline workforce. Their software platform connects people with artificial intelligence, networked sensors, and autonomous mobile robots to help them operate faster, safer, and more accurately. Leveraging their “Robots Transport, People Transform” paradigm, they use cutting-edge technology to increase operational productivity and job satisfaction for frontline workers in manufacturing, logistics, and retail.




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