The People behind the Data | Yotam Oren from Mona Labs

Yotam Orem spent his entire career around big data, but when he looks back, it’s all about the people—the friends, the family, and when it comes to his startup, Mona Labs, the team. In fact, it was the opportunity to build a great team that most attracted Yotam to founding a technology startup.

It began with a phone call from a friend to help solve an embarrassing problem at Google—one of their predictive models had gone from triumph to faceplant. Yotam realized you still need human hands to make AI smart.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Yotam talks about the path that led him to start his own company, and shares his own philosophy on how he brought that great team together.

More information:

Yotam is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mona, an SaaS startup empowering data scientists. Yotam is a tech executive, with a 15+ years experience in bringing data-driven products to the enterprise software market.

Before Mona, Yotam held multiple roles at ADP, most recently as VP Operations and Growth of ADP’s cloud payroll software. Prior to ADP, Yotam was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, a business development associate at Google, and a software engineer at Telmap Ltd (acquired by Intel in 2011).

Yotam holds a B.Sc (Magna Cum Laude) in Bioinformatics from Ben Gurion University in Israel, and an MBA (with distinction) from the University of Michigan.




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